Life happens around the hearth!


Once upon a time, the hearth was the central place in the home.  Around it, lessons were learned, food was cooked, and families grew and prospered.  My Lady's Kitchen is a home-based business which strives to put the hearth back into the home and to draw families closer together.

My name is Heather Thompson.  I started My Lady's Kitchen because I'm surrounded by so many wonderful stay-at-home and professional mums and single women who have visions of delightful baked offerings to share with family and friends, but simply no time to bring those visions to life.  When you place your order---whether it be for something as elaborate as a wedding cake or as humble as a batch of chocolate chip cookies---I place myself at your service, my lady, and my kitchen becomes yours.  Excellent service, the best ingredients, and lots of love:  these are the hallmarks of "My Lady's Kitchen." 

But, just as the hearth was so much more than just a place to cook, My Lady's Kitchen offers you more than just delicious home-baked goods.  Life happened around the hearth!  On this website, you'll find recipes for baking, cooking, and living well.  You'll also find loads of other interesting avenues to explore: project ideas, interesting ways to live out the Christian calendar in your home, information on one-on-one baking classes, and so much more.

I look forward to serving you!



Lenten Specials

The holiest season of  the Christian calendar---Easter---is coming, but before the reflective and joyful celebrations of Triduum are the 40 days of fasting and abstinence during which we prepare our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls to receive Jesus Christ and to grasp, with greater clarity, the mystery of His redemptive work. Traditionally, Lent is a time to put aside rich foods and decadent desserts, and this year, My Lady's Kitchen will be honouring that tradition by offering you an opportunity to restore two Lenten breads to your table: the pretzel and the hot cross bun. 

"The pretzel is the oldest, traditional, authentically Christian Lenten bread. Some food historians trace its origin back to Roman Christians of the fifth century. Others insist that monks in southern France, or maybe it was northern Italy, cooked up this egg- and butter-free snack in AD 610. The former called them bracellae, Latin for 'little arms'; the latter called them pretiola, Latin for 'little reward.' In either account, the dough configuration represents arms folded in prayer and teh three holes represent teh Trinity. Thus, you may eat these with impunity, but not gluttony, throughout Lent. In fact, having pretzels around may be inspiring" (from The Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days, and Every Day by Meredith Gould (2004), pp. 60-61).

The hot cross bun, another traditional bread, is also meant to be both enjoyed and to serve as a sort of edible catechism, which is perfect for teaching children the foundations of the Christian faith. The stark white dough or icing cross helps us recall the crucifixion, while the round shape of the bun urges us to think about the stone which was miraculously rolled from the mouth of the tomb on Easter Sunday.

Order your pretzels and pre-order your hot cross buns now for only $15.00 per dozen. Simply email Heather at myladyskitchen@gmail.com

Would you like to learn how to make pretzels and hot cross buns yourself? Contact Heather to book a one-on-one baking lesson at myladyskitchen@gmail.com


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